seca Scale-Up Line – EMR Ready


Introducing the new seca scale-up line.

These new products are a real game changer for bringing our integration solutions forward and establishing secure EMR connections for all our users.

The ID display on the new product line is able to show patient and user information after scanning patient and user barcodes. This is something that many users have been asking for in order to connect seca weighing and measuring equipment to their EMR systems with patient confirmation on the scale display screen.

Also, as a stand-alone product without integration, the scale-up line ticks many boxes using the latest technology for fast workflow.

  • Oversize non-slip platform with 360 kg capacity (tested with up to 800 kg)
  • Glass platform made of hygienic and shatter proof Bearclaw Glass
  • Fast and highly accurate ultrasonic height measurement for touch-less height measurement
  • Voice Guidance for patients
  • Optional handrail to cater for patients who need assistance during the measurement process
  • Automatic BMI and BSA ( Body Surface Area à oncology) calculation