A recent successful installation of Spacelabs patient monitors has taken place in the NSW region of the Hunter.

A number of years ago, John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle could make the claim of being the largest site for the installation of Spacelabs patient monitors in the Southern hemisphere.

The recent installation, which replaced aging Spacelabs monitors at a regional hospital in this area, included the latest Spacelabs technology featuring the bedside multi-parameter monitor, QUBE® and also the recently released Xhibit® Central Station which now has capacity to build capability to monitor a 48 bed unit if required.

Natalie Behnke and Sushil Karki who were part of the Ecomed management team for the installation made comment about the difference the new monitoring has made to the hospital which included the ease of navigation and reliability of its performance.

‘We are excited to provide this customer with our broad array of compatible patient monitoring solutions that are designed to deliver critical patient data throughout the hospital while facilitating the mobility of patients during their stay’ said Natalie Behnke.

For further Spacelabs product information, refer to here.

Spacelabs technology and the Moon

Founded in 1958 by two scientists, Ben Ettelson and James A Reeves, the company developed cardiac monitoring and telemetry systems for NASA. These were used to monitor astronauts’ vital signs in the early Gemini and the following Apollo space missions.

During the 1960s, Spacelabs continued its relationship with NASA culminating in Neil Armstrong wearing Spacelabs medical telemetry for the first moon landing in 1969.