Ecomed ran a successful PJ day, raising money for the Asthma foundation.  We would like to thank everyone who donated.  By raising funds Ecomed is helping to speed up the search for a cure and increase the number of people with asthma who can be supported by the Foundation’s education and prevention programs.

The amount raised meant that the whole team got to wear their slippers to work for the day.  Rather nice to spend the day in the office in your Ugg boots.

Are you Puffing Properly?

The majority of people believe that they know how to use their asthma inhaler, however it is thought that up 90% of people aren’t using their device/s properly.

This means that the chances are you are not receiving the full benefit of your medication.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You may never have been shown in easy steps how to use your inhaler before and even if you have, research has shown that everyone needs regular reviews otherwise you can accidentally fall into bad habits.

(Care of Asthma Australia, at