Ethox Clarity – Pressure Infusion, Transparent


The Infu-Surg Clarity is made with a clear panel to enable full visibility of solution bag to monitor fluid level and easily scan patient barcode.

The Infu-Surg pressure infusion bag from Ethox International is a safe, high-quality and reliable product for intravenous & intra-arterial infusion treatment, plus A-line pressure monitoring.

The Infu-Surg is designed for single patient use potentially preventing and controlling cross-contamination and hospital acquired infections.

Product: Ethox Infu-surg Clarity Pressure Infusion Bag

Part No: 4050 500ml

Part No: 4100 1000ml

  • Designed for single patient use
  • Safety valve prevents over-inflatio(330 mmHg pressure relief)
  • Translucent front panel for proper label observation
  • Latex free
  • Maintains desired infusion pressure
  • Color-coded gauge (0-300 mmHg)
  • 3-way stopcock
  • Hook version for single hand operation
  • 100% tested
  • Pressure relief valve protects bag from over-inflation
  • Suitable for use with external inflation sources
  • Loads quickly and easily
  • Large, oval shaped bulb allows for quick and easy inflation of bladder
  • No cleaning or repair time needed