Spacelabs LifecardCF Holter Monitor


Spacelabs Lifecard CF digital Holter recorder with 12bit resolution delivers unprecedented ECG quality – even from challenging recording environments – to assure you of accurate analysis. It can record up to 7 days of continuous ECG.

Lifecard CF incorporates CompactFlash memory technology, using removable cards for recording. The CF cards allow quick transition from one patient to the next, and ECGs recorded on the cards can easily be sent to another location for analysis.

ECG traces are displayed during hookup so you can be sure of highquality recordings, while pacing spikes help you optimize lead placement.

Lifecard CFs patented 3 channel 3 electrode hookup improves patient comfort and compliance. Its splashproof and rugged design minimizes electrode disturbance and improve ECG quality.

Also available for apnea patients

Product: Spacelabs Lifecard CF


  • Memory 256MB removable CF card
  • Procedure 24hr 12-Lead Holter recording
  • Data Compression None
  • Sampling Rate 4096 samples per second
    Bandwidth 0.05 – 40 Hz
  • Amplifier Noise Level 0.6uV
  • Pacemaker Pulse Detection All Channels
  • Pacemaker Pulse Sensitivity 2mV
  • Full compliance with ANSI/AAMI EC38 Holter Standard, with IEC/EN 60601-2-47 Holter Standard
  • High quality, high strength shielded cable with ultra-low microphonic noise
  • Active Neutral electrode for maximum signal quality
  • Electrode failure detection
  • Electrode failure tolerant – vital for ambulatory procedures
  • Protected against defibrillation
  • Protected against fluids and wet cleaning processes
  • Rugged design with all standard Lifecard CF features
  • CFC90MB - 90MB Compact Flash Card
  • 700-0319-00 Cable, PX, LCF, 3 Snaps, without clip, red/yellow/green
  • 700-0317-00 Cable, PX, LCF, 3 Snaps, with clip, red/yellow/green