Spacelabs ICS Xprezz Monitors mobile app


ICS Express from Spacelabs. The new Mobile App for iPad Allows Continuity of Care – from Anywhere.  With ICS XPREZZ Spacelabs Healthcare takes mobility of care to a higher level, providing the power of ICS G2 Clinical applications in the palm of your hand.

Now clinicians on the go can have access to comprehensive patient information, including near-live waveforms and graphical trends, on their iPads or other mobile devices. Decisions can be made more quickly than ever before with critical patient information in the palm of your hand.

Security of Protected Health Information with ICS XPREZZ, Protected Health Information (PHI) can remain secure because information is processed within the hospitals secure infrastructure, and then presented to the clinician through ICS XPREZZ. Patient data is never processed or saved on the iPad, due to Spacelabs unique architecture and design.

Open Standards Platform ICS Xprezz leverages the unique design of our technical architecture to offer a non-proprietary solution which uses your established hospital infrastructure. No additional database servers, web servers or central stations are required from Spacelabs. Hospitals can choose best-in-class deployment strategy.
Designed for Touch Screen ICS G2 Clinical tools were created to operate on Spacelabs Healthcare patient monitors _ all touch screen devices. Now, with ICS XPREZZ, these tools are extended to another well know touch screen device – iPad. Clinicians enjoy all the benefits of ICS G2 on a familiar user interface.

Product: ICS Exprezz.

Available via the App Store.

  • Simple and Cost effective
  • Designed for touch screen
  • secure
  • consistent
  • bedside view
  • waveform view
  • Arrhythmia view
  • Alarms View
  • Saved Events view
  • Trends view
  • 12-Lead view
  • Print jobs view