RVS 200 Integrated Modular Wall Diagnostic Station


The Riester RVS-200 wall diagnostic system is the unique combination of an advanced vital signs monitor and a modular diagnostic station. The modular design allows for changes in the instrument configuration to suit individual needs.

The RVS200 is a combination of the RVS100 with the diagnostic ENT set with 2 handles.

Please note it does not include the instrument heads. You will need to choose the two heads you would like to add to the set when you have selected the type of VSM you want with the RVS200 diagnostic set. RI.10595-301 (Ophthalmoscope) and RI.10565-301 (Otoscope) heads are standard LED L2 type heads that will fit.

1961-RRXXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Riester)
1961-RRBXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Riester) + Pred. Temp
1961-RRBPE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Riester) + Pred. Temp + Printer
1961-RNXXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Nellcor)
1961-RNBXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Nellcor) + Pred. Temp
1961-RNBPE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Nellcor) + Pred. Temp + Printer
1961-RMXXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Masimo)
1961-RMBXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Masimo) + Pred. Temp
1961-RMBPE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Masimo) + Pred. Temp + Printer
Key Features
•Includes all RVS-100 features
•Power supply for up to 3 diagnostic handles
•Maintenance-free HighPerformance LED illumination
•Wide range of EENT ri-scope L instruments
•Integrated Specula dispenser
•Easy and discrete mounting
•Thermal printer (internal)
•Barcode reader