Riester diplomat-presameter


Riester Diplomat-Presameter mercury sphygmomanometer.  The successful and attractive masterpiece, offering very good value, the diplomat presameter is a desk model mercury sphygmomanometer in a metal case. Extremely precise with impressive features, the 99.99% mercury purity guarantees maximum measuring accuracy. The Diplomat Presameter comes in a choice of five colours – slate grey, light grey, blue, saffron, green. 2 Year Warranty

Product: Diplomat presameter mercury sphygmomanometer.

Part No: RI.1009 Slate Grey

Part No: RI.1010 Blue


  • Maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mmHg
  • Precision glass column
  • Internal diameter 4.2 mm +/- 0.2 mm
  • Latex bulb with chromium plated air release valve
  • Precision air release valve, wear-free and with regulation
  • Microfilter for long life
  • Nickel plated metal parts
  • Cuff with two-tube bladder
  • Easily legible metal scale up to 300 mmHg
  • Mercury lock
  • Special seal against mercury contamination
  • Unbreakable long-life metal case
  • Large compartment for cuff + bulb
  • Cleaning device for glass column
  • SPH-1LF Inflation bulb with valve
  • RI.10373 Tube Connector
  • SPH-7LF Coiled latex free tubing
  • RI.10372 Male/Female connector set
  • BPC2-6LF BP cuff & Bladder, obese, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-5LF BP cuff & Bladder, adult, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-4LF BP cuff & Bladder, small adult, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-3LF BP cuff & Bladder, child, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-2LF BP cuff & Bladder, infant, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-1LF BP cuff & Bladder, newborn, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-7LF BP cuff & Bladder, thigh, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-8LF BP cuff & Bladder, XL thigh, 2 tube bladder cuff