VacSax Suction Canisters

Vacsax2L green

The closed, disposable suction system from VacSax is the ideal choice for all areas and all applications within the hospital.

Available in 1 Litre, 2 Litre, and 3 Litre versions, the VacSax suction and fluid management system is available as stand alone, or as part of a cascade system. Liners and canisters also available.

Product: VacSax disposable suction system.

Part No: 9910-340, 1 Litre Advance Liner (box of 25)

Part No: VAL-201, 2 Litre Advance Liner (box of 30)

Part No: VAL-301, 3 Litre Advance Liner (box of 20)

Part No: VAL-203, 2 LItre Advance Cascade Liner (Box of 30 – with tubing sets)

Part No: VAL-303, 3 LItre Advance Cascade Liner (Box of 20 – with tubing sets)

  • With the exception of the cascade version, each liner has a hydrophobic bacterial shut off valve located in the cap for complete overflow protection.
  • The unique bag design means they are supplied folded for maximum storage,
  • automatic inflation when attached to the vacuum,
  • integral carry handles for safe transfer and removal of waste.
  • 9910-340 Advance Liner 1 Litre box of 25
  • VAL-201 Advance Liners 2 litres box of 30
  • VAL-203 Advance Cascade Liners 2 litres box of 30 (including cascade tubing)
  • VAL-301 Advance Liners 3 litres box of 20
  • VAL-303 Advance Cascade Liners 3 litres box of 20 (including cascade tubing)
  • 4310-021 Cascade Tubing Set pack of 50
  • 9910-224 4 Canister Suction Stand
  • 9910-225 8 Canister Suction Stand
  • 9910-338 Twin Canister Stand
  • 9910-350 4 canister Advance Cascade stand including suction.