Spacelabs Multigas Analysis Module


Spacelabs Multigas Analysis Module for the Xprezzon monitor. Speed and Performance in a Small Package.  For all Patient Populations – Neonate through Adult

Spacelabs Healthcares Multigas Module incorporates advanced technology – including the PHASEIN gas analysis bench, the Nomoline (no-moisture) as sampling line and the Servomex O2 sensor for increased performance and reliability in monitoring CO2, N2O, O2 and anesthetic agents.

This Multigas Module is capable of identifying and displaying agent values in less than 20 seconds after start up, and is suitable for use on all patient populations – from newborn through adult – due to its low sample flow rate (50 ml/min).

A compact solution for your complete gas analysis needs, it can be integrated directly into Spacelabs patient monitoring systems.

Product: Spacelabs Multigas Module

Part No:050-0629-00

  • Comprehensive Gas Analysis
  • RELIABLE CO2 & multigas monitoring
  • Fast O2 technology
  • Auto agent identification
  • – Isoflurane
  • – Desflurane
  • – Sevoflurane
  • – Enflurane
  • – Halothane
  • Warm Up < 20 seconds for concentration reporting, automatic agent identification, and full accuracy specification
  • Sample Line Flow – 50 ml/min ± 10 ml/min
  • Occlusion Automatically detects and attempts to clear sample line occlussions
  • Suspend Sampling In Suspend Mode, sensors continue to operate but pump stops and waveforms and numeric zones are cleared, allowing sensors to remain warmed up