DeRoyal Sensostrip – Temp Trend


DeRoyal’s line of temperature monitoring products helps you do your job, giving you the information needed to provide the most comfortable and precise management of your patients’ stability during surgical procedures. These products are designed to be as vigilant as you are, so you can confidently regulate healing.

• Provides a convenient, accurate, and inexpensive way to monitor a patient’s temperature through all stages of care
• Common for short surgical procedures and in emergency department
• Excellent detector of malignant hyperthermia and hypothermia
• Continuous digital readout in 1º increments
• Accuracy ± 1.0ºF/0.6ºC
• Adjusted for core temperature
• May be used in conjunction with probes
• Lit bars indicate proper numerical reading in seconds
• Hypoallergenic, pressure-sensitiv adhesive
• Made of polyester film with non-toxic color-changing liquid crystal esters
• Latex free

Product: DeRoyal LCD Sensostrip – Temperature Trend Indicators

Part Nos: 81-010003 LCD Sensostrip™ Trend Indicator Dispenser Box 6 bars, 1º C increments, Non-Sterile 100/box


  • 81-0100BX Acrylic Holder for Sensostrip Dispenser Boxes