Spacelabs Lifescreen Holter screening s/w


Spacelabs Lifescreen 7 day ECG screening software is a simple and effective system for quickly screening up to 7 days of full disclosure ECG. The system has two key elements:

  • the 7 day recorder, based on our Lifecard CF digital Holter recorder, and the Lifescreen software.
  • 7 day continuous recording allows capture of asymptomatic events over extended monitoring periods.

7 day full disclosure enables positive early diagnosis of arrhythmias before they become an everyday occurrence.

Product: Lifescreen 7day ECG Screening System

Lifescreen software is a fast and easy to use ECG screening tool with a number of simple features to allow the operator to quickly identify ECG arrhythmia’s. Lifescreen is fully compatible with our Pathfinder Analysis System in use at most UK hospitals.

  • Patient List – corresponds to use of the patient even button to coincide with symptomatic events
  • 7 Day Heart Rate Graph – the operator can quickly identify the minimum and maximum heart rates. RR intervals can be measured with on screen callipers
  • ECG Event Tools – an RR histogram & tachogram allows users to identify periods of AF together with long and short RR intervals
  • Full Disclosure – scan the entire ECH recording at enhanced speed for complete over view
  • Optional Lifescreen Apnoea program – to instantly identify periods of sleep disordered breathing

Reports can be easily attached to all leading EMR systems including EMIS, System One, Vision & iSOFT, as a PDF file

  • LCFKIT Spacelabs LIfecard CF
  • CFC90MB 90MB Compact Flash Card
  • 700-0319-00 Cable, PX, LCF, 3 Snaps, without clip, red/yellow/green
  • 700-0317-00 Cable, PX, LCF, 3 Snaps, with clip, red/yellow/green