Riester ri-scope LED diagnostic set


Riester ri-scope LED.  Premium hand held LED diagnostic instruments.

LED illumination –  bright white light with a nearly unlimited lifetime!

Li-ion batteries – more light-weight, more powerful.

Rheotronic – electronic light intensity adjustment for LEDs and light bulbs.

The ri-scope family are available as a kit, including the ri-scope Otoscope and ri-scope Ophthalmoscope.  Available in a base model ri-scope L 1 to delux model – ri-scope L 3

The ri-scope family are available with C handles (C type battery) – available with rechargeable batteries, and suitable to be used with non-rechargeable batteries.  The ri-charger is suitable to store and charge the ri-scope.

A number of heads are also available in the ri-scope range, including Otoscope, ophthalmoscope, dermatoscope, Fibre Optic light conductor, Fibre Optic tongue blade holder, operation otoscope, nasal speculum, retinoscope.

The ri-scope range is also available as part of the ri-former wall/mobile diagnostic set.