Riester Empire N


Riester Empire N mercury sphygmomanometer with ABS plastic casing.
An attractive design combined with sturdy everyday-use quality. Available as desk, wall, floor, or anaesthesia model. Reasonably priced, practical and safe. Attractive optics and tested everyday practicality to cover every situation in general practice. Its specially designed stand provides a very high level of stability.
Available as desk, mobile floor, wall, anaesthetic. 2 Year Warranty

Product: Empire N mercury sphygmomanometer.

Part No: RI.1092LF desk

Part No: RI.1102LF wall

Part No: RI1132LF Anaesthetic

Part No: RI.1112LF Floor (including trolley)

  • The mercury sphygmomanometer featuring the latest Riester measuring technology. Safe and accurate.
  • Maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mmHg
  • 99.99% pure mercury
  • Precision glass column
  • Internal diameter 4.2 mm +/- 0.2 mm Latex bulb with chromium plated release valve
  • Precision air release valve, wear-free and with fine regulation
  • Microfilter for long life
  • Cuff with two-tube latex bladder
  • Easily legible scale up to 300 mmHg
  • Mercury lock
  • Special seal against mercury contamination
  • Coil tubing extendible up to 3 m
  • Cleaning device for glass column
  • Spacious basket for tubes and cuffs
  • ABS casing
  • Available as desk, wall, floor and rail design.
  • Complete range of cuffs available – from neonatal to thigh, bladder cuff or disinfectable one piece cuffs.
  • RI.10384 Universal clamp for rail attachment
  • SPH-1LF Inflation bulb with valve
  • RI.10373 Tube Connector
  • SPH-7LF Coiled latex free tubing
  • RI.10372 Male/Female connector set
  • RI.10393 Basket for mobile trolley - Large
  • RI.10392 Basket for mobile trolley - Small
  • BPC2-6LF BP cuff & Bladder, obese, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-5LF BP cuff & Bladder, adult, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-4LF BP cuff & Bladder, small adult, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-3LF BP cuff & Bladder, child, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-2LF BP cuff & Bladder, infant, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-1LF BP cuff & Bladder, newborn, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-7LF BP cuff & Bladder, thigh, 2 tube bladder cuff
  • BPC2-8LF BP cuff & Bladder, XL thigh, 2 tube bladder cuff