Spacelabs Trulink Accessories and Supplies


Spacelabs Healthcare’s supplies and accessories are designed and tested to give you the quality and reliability you would expect when using medical equipment.

They are produced for the durability and the reproducible accuracy that is expected in today’s healthcare environment and to give you the ‘TruLink’ experience to the equipment you use on a daily basis

Review Spacelabs Supplies and accessories for:

  • Patient Monitoring:  From ECG leads to cardiac output cables, find the right product for the right device and be confident you have the best ‘TruLink’ connection.
  • Anaesthesia: From patient circuits to soda lime, make sure you have a safe and reliable connection with TruLink.
  • Diagnostic Cardiology: From ambulatory blood pressure cuffs to ECG paper and leads, rest assured you can connect safely with ‘TruLink’.

With so many options available, please review the TruLink brochure for all of Spacelabs supplies and accessories.  You can also visit  Spacelabs Supplies and Accessories website for part numbers.

Contact Ecomed for ordering options.