Vitalograph ALPHA Touch Spirometer

Alpha touch with Printout Hi Res 14979_1

The Alpha Touch by Vitalograph. Precision Spirometry with portability, printing and PC connectivity.  The new generation Vitalograph ALPHA Touch is an easy to use, lightweight desktop spirometer that offers the benefits of portability, data integration and a built in printer.

The ALPHA Touch features a precise and robust Fleisch pneumotachograph and a simple icon driven menu, plus a large, high resolution colour touch-screen and storage capacity for 10,000 subjects. Manual entry of subject data is optional as ALPHA Touch automatically copies all subject data from Spirotrac; saving time and eliminating data entry errors. Utilising Spirotrac V, predicted values are available through integration of the clinical results __All AgesÓ by Stanojevic

  • Features:
  • High resolution touch screen
  • Storage capacity for 10,000 subjects
  • Automatic two-way synchronisation of patient data between ALPHA Touch and Spirotrac
  • Print via the internal printer
  • Over 50 selectable test parameters
  • Hours of battery life for off-site testing
  • Customisable reports

Accessories: Vitalink Practice Manangement Connectivity System Software, BVF Bacterial/Viral Filters, SafeTway Mouthpieces, Mini SafeTway mouthpieces, disposable noseclips, Precision Syringe, Thermal printer paper, Flow conditioning meshes, half day operator training. 12 Month Warranty

Product: ALPHA Touch

Part No: 6000

  • Dimensions: 300mm x 250mm x 75mm
  • Weight: 2kg net
  • Gross Weight and Size (Packed):
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Packed Size: 470mm x 112mm x 377mm
  • Subjects: Automatic population of database from Spirotrac. Name, ID; Age, Height, Gender; Smoking Status, Body Mass Index and more depending on model. Storage of up to 10,000 subjects
  • Selectable Parameters (depending onmodel): VC; IVC; IC; VT (TV); TLC; RV; IRV; ERV;FRC; FVC; FIVC; FEV_; FEV_; FEV_; FVC; FEV_/VC;FEV_/FVC; FEV_/VC; FEV_/FVC; FEV_/FEV_; FEF__;FEF__; FEF__; FEF__-__; FEF__-__/FVC; FIV_; PIF, FIV_/FIVC, FIF__, FIF__, FIF__, FEF__/FIF__, FET, MVVind,FEV_ Ratio; FEV_._; PEF L/min; PEF L/s; FEF _._-_._;FEF __-__%; FEF__%; FEF__%; FEF__%; FMFT; FIF__%;FIF__%; FIF__%; PIF; FEV_.__; Lung Age and more
  • Environmental Data: Selectable:
  • Temperature (built in sensor), Barometric pressure, altitude and humidity
  • Test Types: Single breath tests, _ow/volume loops, multi-breath testing, tidal breathing and combined VC/FVC type test methods supported
  • Predicted Values Selectable (depending on model): ERS/ECCS; NHANES, Polgar, Pereira, Berglund, Forsche, Gutierrez, Hedenstr_m, Taiwan; Knudson, Crapo; Hsu; KNLW; Viljanen; SEPAR; Gulsvik; SBPT; Tamura; Ip; Quanjer; Wang; Dockery and more
  • Suggested Interpretation: User selectable
  • Storage Humidity: 10% to 95%
  • Storage Temperature: 0C to 50C
  • Recommended Operating Temperature Range: 17 – 37C; Design Limits: 10-40C
  • Data Storage: Stores up to 10,000 subjects
  • PowerSAFE_:
  • Input 100 – 240V AC 50-60Hz, output 12V DC
  • Battery Pack:
  • Rechargeable NiMh, 7.2V 1, 800mAH
  • Flow Detection Principle:
  • Fleisch type pneumotachograph
  • Volume Detection:
  • Flow integration sampling @ 100Hz
  • Resolution: 10 mL volume; 0.01 L/s _flow
  • Accuracy when Operated in Operating Temperature Range Conditions:
  • Flow +/- from 10% to 5%
  • Max _ow rate +/-16L/s
  • Min _ow rate +/-0.02L/s
  • Volume Accuracy: Better than +/-3%
  • Maximum Displayed Volume: 10 L
  • Linearity: +/-3%
  • Maximum Test Duration: 90 seconds
  • Flow Impedance: <0.1kPa/L/s @ 14L/s Complies with ATS/ERS 2005
  • Printer: Thermal
  • Performance Standards: ISO 26782:2009, ISO 23747:2007; ATS/ERS 2005
  • Safety Standards: IEC 60601-1:2005
  • Medical Devices Directive: 93/42/EEC1993 as amended
  • Designed & Manufactured Under: ISO 13485:2003, FDA 21CFR820 and CMDR
  • Communications: USB and CF card
  • Connectivity: USB 2 B
  • 70201 Spirotrac Multi-User Licence
  • 28750 BVF_ Bacterial/Viral Filters (50)20242 SafeTway Mouthpieces (200)
  • 20201 Cardboard Mouthpieces (200)
  • 20303 Noseclip Disposable (200)
  • 36020 Precision Syringe 3-L
  • 66149 Thermal printer paper (5)
  • 42084 Flow conditioning meshes (10)